Permatex 80697 – Copper Spray A Gasket Hi-Temp Sealant


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Permatex® Copper Spray-A-Gasket® Hi-Temp Sealant
80697 58985 12 oz. aerosol can, 9 oz. net wt.



Fast-drying, metallic copper sealant helps dissipate heat, prevents gasket burnout and improves heat transfer. Fills minor surface irregularities. Seals instantly. Fills hot spots and surface imperfections. Temperature range -50°F to 500°F (-45°C to 260°C); resists all types of automotive fluids, especially gasoline. Level 3


Suggested Applications: Cylinder head gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, and other high temperature applications.


Suggested Applications: Cylinder head gaskets, carburetor gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets and
other high temperature applications


Shake well with repeated agitation. Hold can 6-10 inches away from surface, depending on width of target area. All surfaces can be pre-coated in advance for convenience. Apply to flange surfaces, both sides of gasket and bolt threads. Wait 30 seconds between coats to allow surface to become tacky.

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