Turbo Kit – Mazda MX5 Mk1 1.6 / GT2860RS w. Intercooler + MEGASQUIRT 2 PNP ECU + MALIAN CAT BACK


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  • MX5 Turbo Kit

Turbo Kit For 1994 to 1998 Mazda MX5/Miata with the 1.6 Engine

This Kit is to convert NA to Turbo, for builds between 200 and 400 HP.

Product Being Sold:

This is the complete kit with a GT2860RS turbo, all the exhaust pipework including the manifold, downpipe, and decat. Intake pipework with the intercooler and brackets, silicone hoses with T-Bolt clamps, and a RAMAir air filter. Oil feed and return plus the water hoses and fittings.

You will just need standalone mappable engine management to run the car after this has been fitted.

Product Info and Spec:
– Log type for quick spool and reliability
– CNC Cut Flange
– T25 Turbo Flange
– Bolt-On Fitment

– 2.5″ Vband Stainless Steel Pipe
– O2 Sensor bung

GT2860RS Turbo and Wastegate:
– 3″ Air Inlet, 2″ Compressed Air Outlet
– Standard T25 Turbine Housing Flange
– 200SX 5-bolt Out Flange
– Journal Bearing, Oil and Water Cooled
– 6-25 PSI Working Pressure


– Off-Road and Track Use ONLY, not road legal due to cat removal. Cat pipe is available email us for the link.

Key Items Included:
– GT2860RS Turbo
– Malian Exhausts Turbo Manifold
Malian Exhausts 2.5″ Down Pipe
Malian Exhausts 2.5″ Centre Pipe
– Intercooler + Brackets
– Intercooler Pipework
– RAMAir Air Filter
– Nuts, Bolts, Clamps, etc. Required For Fitting
– Turbo Oil Line Kit with Sump Plug Adapter
– Water Feed + Return



  • This is Malian’s latest NB MX5 exhaust system.
  • One-piece Diff Back system.
  • Made from 60mm Stainless Steel to last a lifetime.
  • It also features a stunning 4″ Jap cannon exhaust tip with removable decibel killer bung to aid significantly with decibel reduction. (i.e. limited race circuits)
  • Weight – 7.5kg.
  • Fully TIG welded & Quality control checked to be at the highest standard.


MK1 MX5/Miata 1.6 and 1.8 – Plug-n-Play MS2


  • 16×16 Fuel table
  • 12×12 Spark table
  • Rev limiter
  • Over-boost protection
  • Mappable Air: Fuel ratio targets
  • Wideband or Narrowband
  • Coolant temperature-related ignition timing advance
  • Inlet air temperature-related ignition timing retard
  • Manifold absolute pressure rate of change or Throttle position sensor rate of change acceleration enrichment
  • Overrun fuel cut
  • Boost control
  • Built-in air density correction
  • 21PSI MAP sensor – Dump your Air Flow Meter
  • Knock sensor input with adjustable sensitivity
  • Table switching input. Change fuel and spark maps on the fly for different fuels, nitrous activation ect

Kit includes:

    • Air temperature sensor (Dump your AFM)


  • 2 meter loom for air temperature sensor
  • Wideband lambda input
  • Knock sensor input
  • Switchable map input (Launch control, switch maps, etc)
  • Programmable output (Boost control, warning LED, relay control, etc)
  • MS2 Based PnP ECU
  • MX5 base map
  • vacuum hose for MAP signal and “T” fitting


Here is a list of all the parts included:

1 x Turbo manifold
1 x Head to manifold gasket
1 x Manifold to turbo gasket
4 x Manifold to turbo studs and nuts
1 x Turbo to elbow gasket
5 x Turbo to downpipe studs and nuts
1 x 2.5″ V-band clamp
1 x 2.5″ Stainless downpipe
1 x 2.5″ Stainless decat centerpiece
1 x 2.5″ Gasket + bolts
1 x 1/8NPT T-Piece
1 x 1/8NPT to AN-3 adapter
1 x Turbo oil feed line
1 x AN-3 to banjo fitting
1 x Banjo bolt with washers
1 x T28 to AN-10 oil drain fitting
1 x AN-10 oil return braided hose, 40cm long, straight fitting at one end and 30 degree at the other
1 x AN-10 sump adapter, uses 1/2NPT thread to go into the sump
1 x AN-6 water feed braided hose, 50cm long, open at one end, AN-6 straight fitting at the other
1 x AN-6 water feed braided hose, 40cm long, open at one end, AN-6 straight fitting at the other
2 x AN-6 to M14 banjo fittings with bolts and washers
2 x AN-6 hose finishing clamps
2 x 19mm to 10mm T-pieces
4 x Jubilee clamps 25mm
1 x 2″ 90 degree turbo to intercooler pipe silicone elbow
1 x 2″ to 2.5″ 90 degree expanding silicone elbow from intercooler pipe to intercooler
1 x 2.5″ 90 degree silicone elbow from the intercooler to intercooler pipe
1 x 2.5″ 90 degree intercooler pipe to throttle body silicone elbow
8 x T-Bolt clamps
1 x Intercooler
2 x Intercooler brackets
2 x Intercooler aluminum pipes
1 x Set of intercooler bolts
1 x Turbo – GT2860RS
1 x BOV – 50mm Tial type required
1 x RAMAir Air Filter

The below parts are also ideally required but not included in this kit: Please message for more details

1 x ECU – Will need a Megasquirt / AEM / FuelTech or similar with IAT sensor
4 x Injectors – Mazda RX8 Yellow or Blue or equivalent. Watch out for Cheap Chinese injectors
1 x Clutch – Competition Clutch stage 3 / 4 or similar is recommended


Drop us a message with any questions or requests.


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