Cxracing Radiator Hard Pipe Water Neck Kit For Mazda RX7 RX-7 SA FA FB 13B

Radiator Hard Pipe Water Neck Kit For Mazda RX7 RX-7 SA FA FB 13B


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CXRacing Radiator and Hard Pipe Hose Kit For: 1978-1985 Mazda RX-7 SA/FA/FB Series 1, 2, 3 With FC/FD 13B Turbo Motor Swap

These Are Brand New Developments By CXRacing, Replace Stock Parts With Larger And Better Upgraded Products, Dramatically Increase Performance, And Offer Beautiful Professional Looks.

Intercooler, Piping Kit, Oil Cooler, Turbo, Wastegate, Manifold, Downpipe Shown on Some Installed Pictures Are NOT Included. We Offer Them with Other Kits Separately, Please Check Our Other Items.

– Chassis: 1978-1985 Mazda RX-7 SA/FA/FB
– Engine: 13B Turbo Motor From FC or FD (With Original 12A Front Cover) Swap

Product Info and Spec:

– Full Aluminum Racing Radiator
– Mount to Existing Factory Radiator Mount
– 1.5″ Aluminum Radiator Hard Pipe Kit, with Silicon Hoses
– With Filler Tank

Note: Need to Drill Mounting Holes on Radiator Bracket to Match to Factory Radiator Mounting Plate. Car Is So Old, Might Have Changed Over Time. So We Don’t Pre-Drill Mounting Holes On the Radiator Mounting Plate on Both Sides.

– Off Road or Track Use ONLY, NOT for Street Use
– Due to the Complexity of Swapping a Motor to Different Chassis, Please Make Sure That You Understand the Application Stated Here Are The Right Parts For Your Project.
– Parts Being Sold Are The Kit Being Advertised ONLY. Other Parts Shown On Pictures Are For Demo Only (Of Our Complete Swap Kit). Check Our Other Website Items.

Products Being Sold:
Radiator Hard Pipes Hoses Clamps Filler Tank

Note: There Are Many Installed Products Shown On Car Pictures, NOT ALL of Them Are Included. Only The Specific Items Listed On “Items Included” Below Are Being Sold with This Item.

Product Picture Shows How Oil Cooler Is Attached to Radiator. Oil Cooler Itself Is NOT Included!!


– Especially Designed, Made For the Application Stated
– Fully Tested, Simple Easy Installation
– Offers Excellent Performance Gains

– Radiator, Hard Piping Kit, and Hoses and Clamps
– Filler Reservoir Tank



Shipping to order

These parts are brought in from the USA to SPECIAL order and therefore we estimate a 5-6 week lead time. However we do what we can to keep the waiting to a minimum.


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