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MX5 MK1 (NA) Drive way Turbo Conversion  


Jack Thorman
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15/05/2019 8:25 am  

So I have never owned or had any desire to own an MX5 until one sunny day a MK1 popped up for sale....and you guessed it I bought it!
I have driven the car around somewhat, although the car standard is relatively nippy it is certainly not quick. I started doing some research and ultimately I had 3 options, sell and buy a quick car, supercharge or finally turbo charge. 
I like the car, I don't have £5k to spend on an SC kit so it looks like turbo charging was the best option and with maximum gains.

And this is where the research, phone calls and messages started, trying to understand the best budget way of getting a 250bhp MX5. 

As you do in the evening I was scrolling through Facebook Market Place and came across an advert from Initial Parts - after a number of messages to Tom (who has been a fountain of knowledge and massive help so far) I decided to go with an Initial Parts kit with the addition of a cat back exhaust and MS2 ECU with IAT. For the price and quality I would be surprised if you could buy or even fabricate anything better. 

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